Wednesday, December 26, 2012


End of the year is approaching ... and I come back to the blog with my own selection of my best pictures of 2012.

This year was not as photo-intensive as the previous one, but I did travel to many destinations and caught a few beautiful shots.

I started the year with a trip to India (to attend a wedding ceremony) and after that I headed to Nepal!

Sunrise in Kerala backwaters.

Wedding ceremony in India.

Buddhists and their lights in Kathmandu, Nepal.

A beautiful stupa in Kathmandu.

On my way back to Brazil, I made a quick stop in Istanbul:

Blue Mosque

Back in Brazil, we backpacked in Lapinha da Serra:

And the Moon-Venus conjunction took place in March:

Conjunction + traffic as seen from Google's office in Belo Horizonte, Brasil.

Rio de Janeiro as seen from the climb up to Pao de Acucar in May:

(taken with my point-and-shoot Nikon!).

Another adventure in June, this time hiking to the top of the 3rd highest peak in Brasil (Pico da Bandeira):

Sunrise at Pico da Bandeira. One of the most beautiful sunrises ever.

In the meantime, finding out the beauties of Belo Horizonte and surrounding areas.

A forever-alone trip in September turned into a great photography expedition. This shot was taken from the Ibitipoca State Park.


Still during my vacations, I spent one week climbing in Itatiaia National Park.

First day we went to the top of Prateleiras Peak.

Yoga'ing at the extremes. Behind the guy you can spot the 5th highest peak of Brazil.

Picture below was not taken by me, but by Felipe Guimaraes during our climb of a big wall called Picu. I really like the vivid colors of the wall and the composition with Serra Fina!

Some climbers seen at the summit of Agulhas Negras.

In October I did a quick-but-awesome trekking and could spot another Yoga-at-the-extremes person :)

After doing the recap, I think this was a great year! Looking forward to more climbing and hiking and photo expeditions next year.


  1. Ei Fred,

    Belas fotos e ótimas viagens! Parabéns!
    Que 2013 seja um ano ainda melhor! :)


  2. Obrigado Lilian e Bellzinha pelas mensagens!

  3. Really nice. Beautiful pictures and I am sure great memories of your adventures. Thank you for sharing them JP